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Price: ₹699 - ₹199.00
(as of Jul 31,2023 20:25:19 UTC – Details)

【High-quality materials】The watering rope is made of high quality natural cotton material, high quality guarantees its durability. High strength but low elongation, less drawing, softer, more environmentally friendly and no odor. When in use there is no worry about the watering unit not dripping, or dripping all the water at once, for some plants with strict water requirements, the control of measuring cups/jug and nylon rope greatly improves the growth and health of plants.
【DIY Automatic Watering Equipment System】First put one end of the watering rope on the water source, put the other end into the flower pot, the watering rope will start to drip within 15 – 20 minutes. (The practical time depends by the length of the cut watering rope) before using the absorbent rope, they can be completely soaked in water, and then drip immediately. Effectively help you take care of your plants when you are away from home or on a business trip.
【Easy to make & Washable for repeated use】The ropes are flexible and adjustable, so that water can easily reach the root soil instead of dripping all over the plant; easy access to crowded plant areas, great for watering hard-to-reach soil spots, is a great way to keep plants in hard-to-reach spots The perfect solution for local watering.
【Widely Applicable】DIY Automatic Watering Equipment System Works on all houseplants, herbs, African violets, succulents, flowers or starting seedlings, ensuring plants get enough moisture within days or weeks.