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Price: ₹999 - ₹923.00
(as of Dec 27,2023 13:25:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description

brain tree adult jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces brain tree adult jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces

US Brand Launched In India : Brain Tree Games

We are Brain Tree Games- one of the leading jigsaw puzzles manufacturers. We create and design puzzles that excite enthusiastic puzzlers to have a rejuvenating experience. We bring exclusive, cost-effective puzzles to the U.S market.

jigsaw puzzle zipper bagjigsaw puzzle zipper bag

jigsaw puzzle sorting tray brain tree puzzlejigsaw puzzle sorting tray brain tree puzzle

puzzle box stand jigsaw puzzlepuzzle box stand jigsaw puzzle

Random cut jigsaw puzzleRandom cut jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle Zipper Bag

You will be getting a jigsaw puzzle Zipper Bag in all our 1000 Pieces puzzle boxes

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle Sorting Trays allows you to organize pieces by color, image ideas, border and keep them sorted while building the jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzle Box Stand

A puzzle box stand is always a great way to start a puzzle. It’s a joy for many to have their box with the puzzle box with picture standing on their mission. Many find it annoying when the top boxes fall when made to stand up for convenience.

Random Cut Puzzles

Welcome to the fantastic world of crazy random cut puzzles! Our crazy-shaped pieces add much detail to the standard jigsaw puzzle. The quirky shapes are a getaway from the known patterns of a ribbon-cut puzzle.

jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces brain tree puzzlejigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces brain tree puzzle

High Quality Puzzle

All our puzzles arts are carefully selected to make sure its colorful. We also use unique droplet printing technology for anti glare and soft touch for the puzzle.

brain tree games jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces for adultsbrain tree games jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces for adults

Not Yet Tried Brain Tree Puzzles ?

We can guaranty you that you will be satisfied and be amazed of our puzzle quality the moment you hold our puzzle box in your hand because you will fell our puzzle box 2x heavier than other puzzles you have ever tried.

Freebies inside the puzzle box : 4 Nos Of Puzzle Sorting Trays, Puzzle Zipper Bag ( Can Store Upto 1500 Pieces ), Puzzle Box Stand, Puzzle Poster ( With BTG Poster Program ).
Premium Material: Each puzzle piece is around 1.75 mm thick which makes the puzzles durable and sturdy, high-quality netherland puzzle boards are used to give the puzzles a Tight Fit and Sturdy pieces.
Droplet Technology : Is used in all our puzzles to achieve anti-glare surface, Even Color balance in the art, The most delicate details in the art show up, The art/puzzle pieces obtain unique skin feel/soft-touch properties.
Random Cut : Every 1000 pieces puzzle piece is unique in shape and size, Which is made with the watchmaker specition. Each puzzle pieces cutting structure is drawn manually to get the best puzzle exprence possible.