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Price: ₹1,099.00
(as of Aug 01,2023 18:53:19 UTC – Details)

★ AVOIDING OVERWATERED ★ The Plant Pot Design Comprises Drainage Holes At The Bottom To Keep The Right Amount Of Water And Moisture In The Soil According To The Plant Requirements. This Feature Helps In Avoiding The Plant Getting Overwatered, Ventilates It, And Saves Its Life.
★ UV PROTECTED PLASTIC FLOWER POTS WITH DRAIN HOLES.★ UV-Protected GREENON Plastic Plant Pots Can Be Used In Both Indoor And Outdoor Conditions And Do Not Protect Them From Color Fading When In Contact With Direct Sunlight. They Are Ideal For Front Or Back Yards, Terraces, And Balconies For Accomplishing Lush Decors.
★ ELEGANT DESIGN AND UNBREAKABLE. ★ The Interior And Décor Industry Is Seeing A Hiking Demand In Plant-Loving Clients Filling Up Their Homes, Balconies, And Yards With The Best Gardening Options. The Greenon Plant Pots Are Designed Considering Reflections Of Clients, Architects, Designers, Plant Nurseries, And Botanical Experts.
★ PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA. ★ Joining Hands With The Designers And Craftsmen Of The Country, Our Plant Pots Can Be Acclaimed ‘Indian’ From Top To Bottom. With The Skilled Labor And Technology Owned By India, Our Products Are Designed, Shaped, Manufactured, And Traded By And Within The Nation.
★ SELF-WATERING MECHANISM ★ If You’re A Person Traveling A Lot And Not At Home Most Of The Time, Keeping Up The Moisture Conditions Needed By The Water Can Be Impossible To Maintain. Our Plant Pots Have A Self-Watering Mechanism Keeping The Soil Moist And Plant Healthy Even In Your Unavailability.
★ EASY REMOVABLE INNER POT ★Having Two Sets Of Pots For Your Plants Often Becomes A Great Disadvantage For Easy Reposition. The Greenon Plant Pots Come With An Inner High-Quality Plastic Pot That Can Be Removable For Easy Cleaning And Storage.