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SET-UP Your Studio With HIFFIN

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HIFFIN Passionate team dedicated to innovative photographic equipment. We prioritize quality, fine details, and practicality in our products, supporting every creation. Adapting to social media trends, we offer cost-effective video and audio enhancement tools. Founded in 2010, HIFFIN, a vibrant multinational company, values customer feedback and introduces high-cost performance products, from set-top flashes to widely used LED on-camera lights.

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Rotating Sphere: An Anodised finishing rotating sphere in tripods for mobile or gorilla tripod ensures that you get a great load bearing capacity for your dslr camera, mobile tripod, DSLR tripod, gopro tripod. Along with an accurate angle lock. Which ensures that your phone stands can take photos at angles that you desire and will stay in that angle as long as needed. Which also ensures that no matter how heavy your device, the tripods is comfortable and can be used for a long duration.
Free Holder: A free mobile tripod with holder ensures that you don’t have to purchase a separate accessory for your tripods for dslr camera. The holder can hold any device that you’d like to use with your gorillapod tripod mini tripod. Your camera, mobile phone, iPhone, android, dslr, gopro, camera. It also helps you use the camera tripod as phone stand, mobile stand, tripod stand. Which means you can lock the tripod anyplace you like to use as a video entertainment unit.
Heavy Duty: The Gorillapod mobile tripod is made of high quality ABS. Making it a very heavy duty product and giving it an exponentially longer life, as compared to other plastic based camera tripod. Ensuring that even with a very rough usage your mobile phone, camera, phone, DSLR and tripod stand are safe. If Shooting in rough conditions and environments you have a peace of mind that everything will be safe.
Clasp Lock: A clasp based lock brings in the tripod an easy to lock and accurate angle mechanism, to help you lock in the exact angle you desire for your tripod for dslr camera. It ensures that the angle for your gorillapod tripod for mobile remains exactly how you like, even after hours of usage. The clasp is made of a fail proof mechanism which will ensure your phone tripods never looses the angle while shooting a time-lapse type view.