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Price: ₹19,999 - ₹8,899.00
(as of Aug 01,2023 07:57:09 UTC – Details)


♥Install batteries of the remote cantrol and UAV in the UAV on a horizontal plane. long press the power swich to turn on the UAV.Than long press the remote control switch.he remote control will automatically frequency with the frequency with the inorganic.the remote control will make a “drip” sound the UAV light.the light changes from flash to constant light,and tequency matching is completed.
after the frequency matching is completed, the left rocker of the remote control is pusted upward to unblock.and than the throttle lever is pushed to take off.
♥calibrate gyroscope♥
♥(pic 1) if the aircarft deviates dunning take-off, put the aircarft.on the p[lance to calibrate the gyroscope. at the same time.push the left rocker of the remote control to the lower right comer and the right rocker to the left comer.and the UAV will automattcaiy calibrate.restore the factory setting.
♥(pic 1) put the plance on the plance to calibrate the gyroscope. and at the same frame, turn the right rocker of the remote control to the upper right coner push, the UAV return factory settings.
♥turn off the aircraft power and remove the battery from the bottm of the aircraft.
♥connect the charging port with the battery.then the plug USB terminal into the computer to charging.
♥ install 2″AAA” batteries inculed
♥Ascending & descending -push the left lever up and down.The quadcopter will and descends accordingly.

♥Forward & backward-Push the right lover , the quadcoptor will go forward and backward accordingly.

♥Trimming-when hovering the quadcopter may slide for some direction, and the user needs to adjust by controlling the trimming key on the transmitter.

2. The batteries shall be kept away from fire or high temperature. The quadcopter shall be kept as enough distance from others to avoid any potential injury. child shall be under the monitoring of an adult in playing the quadcopter.
3. special plastic frame with better tenacity and flexibility, better speediness. It can be used inside a room. The six-axis gyro is equipped for a better positioning.
4. It is prohibited to change a non-chargeable battery. Batteries shall be installed in correct direction. it is not allowed to use the old battery and the new battery at the same time. the switches shall be shut down and the batteries shall be taken out for long time no use. Be aware of the risk of short circuit.
5. Modularized structure for easy installation and maintenance. Detachable parts for more functions and better performance and flip and aerial video.