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Price: ₹19,999 - ₹6,499.00
(as of Jul 15,2023 23:59:45 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Adjuster Water PurifierAdjuster Water Purifier

Adjuster Water PurifierAdjuster Water Purifier

Are you worried about the quality of your drinking water? As we live in pollution- ridden and highly toxic environment which can lead to a number of health issues, the advanced purification process removes dissolved impurities from the water making it safe for consumption. Konvio Neer presents Low Maintenance Advanced Water Purifier with 8 stages of reverse osmosis water purification resulting in safe and pure water. It comes with UV technology with a High TDS 3000 membrane that can purify up to 20 liters of water per hour and can store 12 liters water at a time. Get Free Pre-Filter Kit, TDS Meter, Wall Mount Accessories and Installation Kit with the package.

Konvio water purifier has been the pioneers of water purification which gives you clean, clear high-quality drinking water; installation is just a call away.


Our Effective Technologies

High TDS (up to 3000)Reverse Osmosis Membrane High TDS (up to 3000)Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Ultraviolet Lamp Ultraviolet Lamp

8 Litre Storage Tank 8 Litre Storage Tank

High TDS (up to 3000)Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Saltwater is turned into freshwater simply by passing through a natural membrane-like wall in the earth. The High TDS (up to 3000) reverse osmosis system uses this principle to turn hard and toxic water into fresh, clean drinking water. As the perfect choice for water purification, High TDS (up to 3000) Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane never fails to amaze us with clean, drinking water!

Advance Ultraviolet Lamp

When the water is stored in the tank for a long time some germs may breed in the storage tank, the Ultraviolet lamp causes immediate purification of water so that you get clean and safe drinking water. We know purified water is essential to you and your family- we are with you always!

12 Litre Storage Tank

A water storage tank holds clean water after reverse osmosis filtration until you’re ready to use it. This water purifier has a storage tank with 12-liter capacity so that your pure water can be reserved for later use. Just fill in the water and let your family enjoy the purity.


Free Additional Accessories:

Pre-Filter Bowl with 5 Micron PP Spun which can help to maintain good health of your RO water purifier.The Made in India Product which is made up of High Food Grade ABS Plastic.Easy to install accessories with inline installation for Water Purifiers. Comes with Wall Mount Accessories to Hang your Konvio Neer Water Purifier easily without any extra effort.Presence Across Nation (PAN) India service Network. Paid Installation of Service at your doorstep.

konvio,ro water purifier,RO,Copper ROkonvio,ro water purifier,RO,Copper RO

1 Year offsite warranty on electrical parts
Paid installation by trained professional, please place installation request by contacting Konvio Support. Every visit call after installation is chargeable and charges are 350/-.
Be Sure Drink Pure. Branded Advance UV and Copper-Alkaline for best in class purity.
Comes with Pre-Filter and Wall Mount Accessories