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Product Description

Copper MatkaCopper Matka

KUVI Pure Copper Hammered Design Water Dispenser Container Pot With Brass Knob & Brass Stand. This copper water pot is constructed from high quality joint proof pure copper. Designed to offer many years of use and enjoyment.Always keep this copper water pot in your home & kitchen and drink healthy water whenever feel like, This water pot is easy to maintain & With having brass tap at bottom it’s completely leak proof.

Copper was the first element known to man. Ancient societies like ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece,Somalia,Incas,Aztecs and Indians used copper in various forms from currency trades to household products. Ayurvedic texts mention the use of copper vessels for drinking water. Copper is the only metal with anti-bacterial properties, which were proved to be true even during the 1800s when copper mine workers were immune to cholera.

Meena Printed copper matkaMeena Printed copper matka

Copper MatkaCopper Matka

Copper matkaCopper matka

TRUST: Copper helps in maintaining digestive health. It therefore helps in regulating.This Copper Dispenser comes from the well Reputed Brand “COPPER MASTER”, the name you can trust on. It manufactures premium quality dispensers which are Quality Checked before every delivery.

Upgrade Plastic/Steel Containers with Pure Copper Water Containers: Replace steel Kitchenware with this stylish and elegant copper products to enjoy health benefits of copper.

CLEANING TIPS : Clean your copper dispenser by using soft cloth do not scrub the it from outside it may effect the outside lacquer coating. squeeze lemon and salt leave 2-3 minutes , shake it and rinse thoroughly for inside cleaning.

copper matkacopper matka

Handcrafted for ayurvedic health benefits
Replace your steel or plastic water jugs with ones made of pure copper: Replace your steel kitchenware with these stylish and alluring copper items to benefit from copper’s advantages.
Care instructions: Put some pitambri powder with Hot water inside it. Shake well for few minutes, clean and rinse with normal water. Cleaning with brush is not required. For the exterior of the Dispenser, use pitambri powder with soft cloth to clean & rinse with normal water
Note: Do not use the Copper Matka Pot Dispenser to store any liquid other than water.