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Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Instant Visitor Video Call

About this item:

Always Stay Connected to your Front Door from anywhere anytime with an INSTANT VISITOR VIDEO CALL Feature on the Doorbell. Smartly Secure the entrance of your House with a 1080P Full HD Camera and an advanced Built-In INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM. Customized around your Life – 36 unique chime tunes to select from and Multiple modes like DO NOT DISTURB for complete peace of mind. Talk and listen to your visitors with a clear 2-WAY TALK or respond with PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES when you are occupied. Person Detection with Intruder Alarm: Advanced AI capabilities that can smartly detect & notify whenever a person is detected. You can also ring a siren in case of an intrusion. Visitor’s Time-Lapse Video: — Watch what has been happening on your Front door throughout the day with a special video college at the end of each day — Perfect Summary for the day. Works with Alexa & Google — Watch clearer details on more giant smart screens that work with ALEXA or GOOGLE ASSISTANT.

For the device to work smoothly, WiFi with the below-mentioned specs is required -2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n) network, Greater than 2Mbps network upload speed, and RSSI strength greater than -50dBm This Product is a perfect solution for apartments & builder floors. For large independent Houses/Villas where installation is at the main gate, do call our CS team for an installation feasibility check. Data Storage: Up to 128GB SD Card Storage support is available in the slot. You need to buy the SD card separately. Subscription is a completely optional add-on service and all the features of the device including the App access to 2 Mobile users work without a subscription. Moreover, we are giving free 3 months of paid subscription worth Rs. 297 as a Launch Offer.

The bell is AC-powered and can be installed on your existing doorbell slot. The chime is wireless and powered by AAA batteries making it convenient for you to place it anywhere in the house For the device to work smoothly, WiFi with below-mentioned

specs are required -2.4Ghz

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