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Root Bridges :

We are presenting you the Live Money Plant with Plastic pot included in it. It is an Air Purifier plant as it efficiently removes indoor pollutants. It is also an easy to care for plant suitable in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets. They grow quickly and will drape beautifully in hanging Maccrame Rope or climb nicely on moss poles. Money Plant Play a very important role in bringing a lot of energy in bringing a lot of positive energies in your house. In the plastic pot, Drainage holes is there, so that extra water will be drain out through these holes and the soil takes the water which is necessary for money plant.



Benefits Of Money Plant : Positive Effect :

Money plant bears the maximum benefits when it is grown inside the house, rather than outside the house. Money Plant has always been considered the epitome of good luck.Money Plant is also believed to bring long-lasting friendship, due to its heart-shaped leaves. Negative Effect :

Never place the money plant in the North-East direction as it is not considered a good place to keep your money plant.


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Care Instruction for Money Plant:

It doesn’t Require much care.

Well-Drained soil is what money plant requires. The money plant container must be kept near sunlight which promotes growth.Fertilizers should be applied only in the evening and it may burn the roots during the daylight.It is a great plant for beginners to start their gardening activity.

Live home good luck plants for living room given as a gift in the hopes of bringing prosperity to the recipient
NASA places this plant among the top 3 houseplants which is great for removing formaldhyde and carbon monoxide and increasing general indoor air quality
Natural plant, NOT artificial. Diameter of Pot: 4″, Height of Potted Plant: 6″
Root Bridges live plants come safely packaged with a free replacement for any plants which are not received in a healthy condition