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Price: ₹19,999 - ₹8,999.00
(as of Sep 16,2023 10:36:38 UTC – Details)

[[ Shopogenix Dual Camera Chote Garuda Drone with 1080P 4k Camera 720P Live Video,WiFi FPV Drone for Adults with HD 120° Wide Angle Camera 1600 Mah Long Flight time Auto RC Drone ]]

◆Dual Camera: It features both a WiFi HD 1080P camera and a720P FPV (First Person View) camera. This allows for capturing high-definitionaerial photos and videos.
◆Bag Version: The drone is described as being a Box version,which could refer to its packaging or form factor. Further details about itsdesign or features may be available on the amazon you provided.
◆Position Locking: The drone is equipped with positionlocking capabilities, which typically means it has sensors or GPS technology tohelp maintain its position in the air more accurately.
◆Flight Time: The estimated duration the drone can fly on asingle battery charge 30 min.
◆Range: The maximum distance the drone can travel from thecontroller or its home point 120-150 meter
◆Control Features: The available control options, such asremote control, smartphone app, or autonomous flight modes.
◆Battery: The type and capacity of the drone’s battery, aswell as the estimated charging time 1600 mah.
◆Warranty: Details about the warranty coverage and durationprovided by the manufacturer.
TRUE Dual Camera:
1) 1080P HD WiFi FPV with a secondary
2) Optical Camera 720P HD WiFi FPV.

  • Flight Modes: Information about different flight modesavailable, such as hover mode, waypoint navigation, or orbit mode.
  • App Integration: Whether the drone is compatible withspecific mobile apps that offer additional features, flight planning, orpost-processing options.
  • Motor Type: Details about the type of motors used in thedrone, such as brushless motors, which are known for their efficiency anddurability.
  • Flight Controller: Information about the onboardflight controller drone’s.

◆3D Flip Stuns: in all directions with just one click.
◆Stability: Position Holding with Secondary camera to sense its surroundings and assist 6 Axis gyro for next-level stability
◆Foldable: Makes it easy to carry.
◆One-Key-Return and Head-Less: So that you don’t worry about losing your Drone.
◆The drone is not made to lift any external payload.
◆Dual Control Mode: Fly with 2.4 GHz Remote or Smartphone WiFi APP (Fly even without the Remote)