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Price: ₹4,500 - ₹4,249.00
(as of Aug 07,2023 15:50:07 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Aster Planter stand Aster Planter stand

Aster planter stand Aster planter stand

Aster Planter stand Aster Planter stand

Aster planter stand Aster planter stand

Aster planter stand Aster planter stand

Aster planter stand Aster planter stand

Aster planter stand Aster planter stand


Thick iron, load-bearing strengthening. Grid layout, load-bearing uniform, not easy to deformation.


Our planter stand is welded with great iron thick wires that help it bear heavier plants pots. This house floor plant holder for the lounge is of an engineering structure that is tough and durable.


The Square footpad can not only prevent scratching the ground but also adjusts the balance.


Using screws to fix the bracket, the structure is more stable and the installation is easier.

The Aster Planter Stand – metal pot stand, our product provides enough space for your potted plants and allows you to create greenery arrangements matching your home decor. With high-quality iron and fine finish, our plant rack is durable enough. The plant stand is simple and compact enough to fit small, tight spaces. Raise your plants in the corner and and it must be attractive and eye-catching.

This Aster planter stand is attractive, sturdy, and multifunctional for you to organize. You can use this planter stand in the living room, bedroom, office, or wherever you need it.

METAL- It is an extremely durable and strong material that is made up of metal or galvanized iron which is very convenient in gardening.

It helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the garden indoor and outdoor with regard to people who cannot lift the pots, grow bags, or any container due to its weight and are not able to clean the spot with mud stains or water logs, due to which it makes a perfect habitat for several insects underneath the containers.

The usage of the stands provides elevation of the containers which helps in the cleanliness of the garden.

Placing your plant container on the stand reduces the seepage issues in your terrace and balcony and provides sufficient aeration underneath the plant container.

All integrated for balcony use, durable enough to last for years, and design your Terraces.

Stand help in reducing stain while gardening.

This is something to suit every budget and space.

STURDY AND DURABLE: Made of sturdy solid metal, this plant rack is stable. The flower pots will not fall down from the shelf. It also has a long service time. Besides, It can meet your different needs
SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL OUTLOOK: Combining the natural color black and minimalist design, this plant stand can always match your home decoration well. painted finish is smooth and makes it easy to wipe clean
MULTIPURPOSE USE: This design planter stand can be placed on your favorite potted plants or your shoes, handbags and other items. And your beautiful handicrafts and elaborate artworks as bookshelves or decorations
Heavy Duty Product Use it indoor &Outdoor in any weather Condition