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Product Description

Snake Plant sansevieria live plant succulent indoor plant for living room study table air purifyingSnake Plant sansevieria live plant succulent indoor plant for living room study table air purifying

Snake Plant – Golden Hahnii – Sansevieria Trifasciata hahnii Jade marginata

A dwarf variety of the famed snake plant family, the Sansevieria Golden Hahnii sports beautiful variegated leaves in grey-green with dark green bands and golden yellow margins. It is a low maintenance plant that is hard to kill even for the most novice of gardeners. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for office desks and small spaces.

Spill the tea- All the plant gossip, through the grapevine. Pun intended

Snake Plant - Golden HahniiSnake Plant - Golden Hahnii

Snake Plant - Golden HahniiSnake Plant - Golden Hahnii

low maintenance easy to care plant for garden and anniversary gifting for girlslow maintenance easy to care plant for garden and anniversary gifting for girls

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed your Snake Plant a balanced houseplant fertiliser monthly from late spring right until fall. Do not fertilise your plant in winters. Repotting : You will need to repot your snake plant every 2 to 3 years as your plant starts getting taller and bigger. Propogation : The easiest way to propagate is by dividing your snake plant. Use a sharp knife to cut the main plant in half at the main rhizome through the root and replant these halves. You can also propagate this plant by leaf-cutting.

Common Problems

1. Why is my snake Plant drooping? A root rot is the main cause for drooping of your Snake Plant. 2. Why is my Snake Plant not growing? Root rots due to overwatering is the most common reason for your Snake Plant to not grow. In this case cut any rotting roots and repot your plant. 3. Why is my Snake Plant turning yellow? Snake Plant leaves turn yellow because of a lot of reasons. Yellowing of the plant is caused by overwatering or under watering. Excessive fertiliser or too little light also can cause yellowing.

Style and Decor

Light Requirements :Sansevierias prefer indirect and steady sunlight. This hardy plant can also tolerate low light and high light. Make sure to keep the Sansevieria away from direct sunlight to prevent your plants from burning. Locations :Snake Plants prefer bright corners with indirect sunlight. Living rooms, bedrooms, shaded balconies, office desks are locations that your plant will love. Styling/decor tip :Sansevierias look good alone or grouped with other foliage plants too. This dwarf variety is perfect for your worktables, side tables and bookshelves. The beauty of a snake plant is that it will compliment any space. Our decor experts suggest using placing the snake plant in our beautiful in-house planters and group it with plants of contrasting foliage to instantly up the beauty quotient of your homes.

Our stand-out Features

Self watering potSelf watering pot


Potting mix with cow manure for indoor plantsPotting mix with cow manure for indoor plants

Self-Watering Pot

Excess water gets stored in the reservoir below, the roots then absorbs water via capillary action and the plants get water as and when required.It allows you to water less frequently making the plant easy to care for.It is appropriate for desk use as the pot holds excess water without creating any mess.


Plants are secured in a resilient tube packaging.Rubber bands hold the pot in place so any movement during transit does not affect the plant.Slits allow the plant to breathe freely during transit.Top and bottom lids are sustainable as they are made from recycled plastic.

Potting Mix

It is a highly enriched soil-less mix that ensures optimum growth and protects the plants from pest infestations.We put a slow release Fertilizer which gives nutrients to the plants every time it is watered for 6 months.Organic starch jelly in the mix retains water which roots can absorb when needed by capillary action.

This plant is low on maintenance and is often seen in corridors and corners of the living room
Watering Schedule – once a week
Plant height – 6 to 12 inch; Natural Plant with 4 inches to 5 inches Diameter Pot
A little bit of color shade may vary as these are live plants