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Price: ₹21,999 - ₹8,999.00
(as of Jul 15,2023 20:44:03 UTC – Details)

[[WENGONVILADual Camera Chote Garuda Drone with 1080P 4k Camera 720P Live Video,WiFi FPV Drone for Adults with HD 120° Wide Angle Camera 1600 Mah Long Flight time Auto RC Drone]] 
TRUE Dual Camera:
1) 1080P HD WiFi FPV  with a secondary 
2) Optical Camera 720P HD WiFi FPV.

  • Flight Modes: Information about different flight modesavailable, such as hover mode, waypoint navigation, or orbit mode.
  • App Integration: Whether the drone is compatible withspecific mobile apps that offer additional features, flight planning, orpost-processing options.
  • Motor Type: Details about the type of motors used in thedrone, such as brushless motors, which are known for their efficiency anddurability.
  • Flight Controller: Information about the onboardflight controller drone’s. 

Additional Features:

  • Any additional features, such asfoldable design, LED lights, or specific software features.
  • Max Speed: The maximum speed at which the drone can fly.
  • Altitude Limit: The maximum height at which the drone canfly.
  • Motors: Information about the type and specifications of thedrone’s motors.
  • Propellers: Details about the propeller design, size, andmaterial.

♥Image and Video Quality: Detailed specifications about thecamera’s resolution, sensor size, image stabilization, video recording formats,and frame rates.
♥Storage Capacity: Information about the onboard storagecapacity for storing photos and videos or the availability of external storageoptions.
♥Real-time Telemetry: Whether the drone provides real-timedata about its altitude, speed, GPS coordinates, battery level, and otherflight parameters.
♥Battery Type: The type of battery used in the drone (e.g.,LiPo) and its capacity.
♥Charging Time: The estimated time required to fully chargethe drone’s battery.
♥Sensor Type: The type of sensors used in the drone.
Yes, Flying Height – Upto 50 mtrs, Flying Time – 30 min, Weight – 0.410 Kgs
3.7V 1200mAh Li Po Battery (Included) , Remote – 4 AA Battery (Not Included)
Charge atleast 40 min Before Use.
Quadcopter, Transmitter (Remote Control), Mobile Stand, 4 Installed Propeller, Spare Propeller, 4 Drone Support, User Manual, Charger.